Upcoming Challenges


We are expanding :) Fat Busta Challenge has always been home to East London, but due to the incredible results and response we have received over the past 5 years we are now branching out to our surrounding towns. Stutterheim, King Williams Town and Queenstown. Keep as eye on this page to know when we will be hitting your town ! We now have out 6 week challenge as well as our hard and fast 28 day Challenge, both are exceptional and both get results!


Next up....

  • 100% Access at anytime to Active Attitude Health & Fitness Centre

  • 12 Group PT sessions

  • 3 outdoor based challenges

  • Nutritional seminar with Springbok athlete Michael Mcloughlin

  • Cardio classes Monday to Thursday ( Spin, Boot camp and Aerobics)

  • Progress photos’ – Week 1 and Week 6

  • Support and Motivation

  • Specialsed Meal Plan

  • Top 3 finalists get a FREE membership at Active Attitude     ( terms & conditions applied )

  • and and and....

What to expect
  • Access to Active Attitude

  • Specialised Meal Plan

  • Group training sessions

  • Online support & motivation

  • Progress photos’ – Week 1 and Week 4

  • Support and Motivation group chat