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What makes us so unique is the genuine will and ability to make your life better, healthier and happier.

When you sign up at Active Attitude our professional trainers can and will help you look good and feel better. With the combination of top range equipment, volume, variety of energetic aerobic classes and professional trainers.  We invite you to meet our friendly team, who will take you on a tour and explain the packages on offer. From our cozy sauna's (men and woman sauna's are separate ) to our spacious squash court. Experience a "GYM" like never before! 

  • FULL body circuit training

  • BODY STRONG equipment

  • FITNESS upright cycles

  • FITNESS Recumbent cycles

  • BODY STRONG Treadmills

  • CONCEPT Indoor Rowing Machine

  • JOHNSON Electronic Stair Master


Need a little encouragement? That's why we here. Group classes are always the best way to get you up and running. We have all types of classes ranging from your tranquil YOGA to a HIIT Step workout.

  • Crosstrain

  • Interval Step

  • Body Conditioning

  • HIIT Cardio

  • Stretch it Out

  • Yoga


  • HIIT Boot Camp

  • POUND class

  • Beach Power Walks

  • 15minute Abs

  • Pilates 

  • 45min Express Circuits


This is definitely a class you have to try. Yoga is not only about working out, it is about a healthy lifestyle. It not only helps your physical body, but also with mental health.

In terms of your physical body, yoga improves overall strength and flexibility. Increases core strength, lowers blood pressure, helps with weight management, improves digestion, improves circulation. It's a body detoxification, help with pain and tension relief, improves posture and increases immunity.

When it comes to the mental and spiritual well being it helps by bringing peace, balance and harmony into your daily life. Forgetting about all your stresses and strains. This is achieved with Deep breathing (pranayama) and meditation. Yoga is also for absolutely anyone, yoga does not discriminate, yoga does not see sex, weight, race or physical disabilities.

Everyone can do yoga.

Instructor : Natascha Manowarda Oosthuyzen


Spinning is your workout!! It is a great calorie burner and an excellent way to build stamina.  You control everything from your speed and resistance to your intensity level, so it can be as easy or as challenging as you want it to be. Our instructor is super fit and loves cardio, so you are in for a treat. If you've been curious about trying out those  Spinning classes, here’s what you need to know. Each class is uniquely designed and will keep you on your toes each week, building your strength and your fitness through a variety of new challenges each and every class.


First of all, lets face it, putting everything else aside, life is EASIER when you’re strong. Even the simple household chores become easier,  carrying groceries -  One trip! Children to carry? No problem. Plus, whether you’re 50 kg's overweight or just need to lose the last bit of unwanted weight, strength training is one of the most effective ways to burn fat and build muscle. Weight training is not only for men, but more and more often we see woman. Not only will you find yourself with more energy and confidence, less stress, you will start being happier and more positive.

Our equipment:





Considering your goals, lifestyle and health concerns, your personal trainer will design and guide you through a personalized exercise program, monitor your progress and provide reports on every aspect of your fitness.

At Active Attitude we understand that physical fitness depends on a complex set of factors. Metabolism, diet, motivation, physical composition, and your own genetics.

Professional guidance can help you understand how to get the best from yourself. Your personal trainer will guide you through a comprehensive assessment on your current physical condition. The next step is to develop a specific program designed and customised specially for you, with the guidance of a qualified Personal Trainer, based on your fitness abilities, exercise goals and objectives. You’ll then be introduced to a new world of exercise with programs to improve balance, flexibility and strength.

Why train alone when you can have an expert at your side? If you’re ready to create lasting positive change in your life, we’re here to help.


Similar to yoga but emphasizes your body’s core — the abdomen, obliques, lower back, inner and outer thigh, butt, and so on. For this reason, Pilates develops much of what exercisers need — strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, coordination, balance, and good posture — with a much lower chance of injury than with other forms of exercise. The discipline emphasizes correct form instead of going for the burn. With so many exercise variations and progressions, you may have a hard time getting bored with Pilates.

Whether your needs be that of an individual, couple, family or group, we are geared to meet your requirements. If tailor made nutritional guidance and exercise regimes are what you require, our fitness professionals are on hand to provide you with unparalleled service. 

We have a host of additional services that we offer, such as Fitness Testing, Nutritional Eating Plans, Specialised Training Programs, Personal Trainers/Coaches, Lifestyle Management Evaluations, Body Fat Assessments and Wellness Education.

Our clients are our greatest assets, where your objective is our objective.

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