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Master Trainer, First Class Personal Trainer, Sports Psychology and mental skills coach.


My core focus is specialized, purpose specific training with athletes of various sports codes. The levels  - School, international, world class and professional. Individuals and teams ready to improve performance and develop both physically and mentally.


The MIND/BODY principals. Teaching mental toughness, how to win principals, how sport and participation can improve performance and general well-being. 


Lifestyle determines longevity. My instruction is not limited to athletes, I can help anyone wanting to make a change or prepare for an event. Neuroscience in coaching and Sports psychology can be applied to other aspects and problems not only related to sport. 

How to cope with injury, recover from injury, general life stress and time management are all areas that can be addressed.

My facility allows me to do “one-on-one” training and consults.

Move from “Ordinary” to “Extraordinary”.

Our Fitness Friends

More Success Stories

Established in 1997, we have had many incredible transformations. From sportsmen, to the average person just looking to firm up. These are but a handful of our photos.


Showing you that anything is achievable if you have the right tools. These photos are not edited in anyway. These are exactly what these ladies and gents look like.


Please take the time and look through our gallery and see what dedication and the will to be healthier, stronger, fitter looks like. 

BULELANI JOLA, 29 years old

My advice : Find what you love and hold into it, work on it and never lose sight of it for if you do what you love you will never have to work for a day. Don't look at other people's greener grasses focus on you and do you the best you can for no one can be better than you being you. All plants blossom at different times so never compare yourself to the next. Have the vision of an eagle not a chicken for an chicken in looks at what is in front of it and is short sighted, but an eagle does no such. Fly like an eagle for eagles to not fly with pigeons & believe in the dark what the creator promises you in the light!

Quote: "Many are called, but few are chosen."

- TGC ( The Gifted Champ)



Perseverance is the key to winning.  In the pursuit of excellence, winners and losers are often separated by a very fine margin that is determined not only on the talent of the individual or team, but by the amount of perseverance and tenacity that can be mustered during the preparation and competition phase.


In short, we need to win the psychological battle of commitment, focus and determination.  We also need to accept the fact that we have an equal chance of succeeding as do our fellow competitors, but it is possible to sway the odds in our favour by attitude and approach.


The priority is in determining what it is that you would like to achieve, then setting a strategy with realistic and steady goals with a view to finding ways of improving your own performance.  To be the very best takes sacrifice and commitment.


Identify what it is that you want, who can help you get it and take action !!!

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