About Fat Busta

What is the difference between the Fat Busta Challenge & any other challenge ? 

What makes the Fat Busta Challenge any different from any other weight-loss challenge? We care about you! This is more than just weight-loss for us, the Fat Busta Challenge is more than a challenge, it’s more than a number of people trying to lose weight. We believe in changing lives through fitness. It’s not just about weight-loss, it’s about so much more. Educating you, building your confidence, encouraging you to try new things, both in the fitness world as well as your own personal life. The team that helps guide you throughout this challenge goes above and beyond. We are a family run business and you truly couldn’t have asked for better trainers.  The constant encouragement, the motivation when you feel you can’t go on, the life coaching, the genuine care that your trainer has for you is real.  

The Challenge started in September 2011 and has been growing more and more with each passing year. Our first challenge had merely a handful of people and to date has have had more than 200 people complete this challenge. The training side consists of not only physical training, but also mental training. The trainers guide you acting as a Life Coach in not only your training, but to help balance your personal and work life.

The benefits of this challenge are, the fact you are always in a group environment. This helps in more ways than one. Feeling accountable to others, this helps you to want to do better than you previously did. The other challengers become your motivators, they to help you to move forward in achieving your own personal goals. We have been very fortunate to call Active Attitude Health & Fitness Centre "home" This is my family owned business for the past 19 years, but trainer Michael Mcloughlin has more than 30 years experience in the industry. With the tools of nutrition, exercise science and fitness expertise, our loving family owned gymnasium truly goes out of our way to ensure that they help mould a fitness lifestyle for your unique needs. If you are still uncertain if this challenge is for you, have a look at our progress photos, our testimonials, I am confident that it will reinforce what I have just said.

Meet your Team

Michael Mcloughlin

Exercise Specialis and Sports Conditioning Personal Trainer

Owner of Active Attitude cc 

Qualified Dip. Ex.Sc, Exercise Specialist with Sports Conditioning, Master Trainer (HFPA) RSA, First Class Personal Trainer (NFPT) USA, Dip. Sports Pyschology.  I have had the opportunity to extensively work with people from all walks of life. Since 1991. I have specialized in purpose specific training with athletes, over a variety of sports codes, at different competitive levels ranging from school, international, world class and professional. A competitive athlete, first athletics and rugby, then bodybuilding. I became a Springbok in 1993 and won the IFBB Overall Bodybuilding Mr. South Africa in 1999.

Amy Mcloughlin

Personal Trainer and Aerobic Instructor.

Owner of Fat Busta Challenge

I am a Qualified Personal Trainer (ISSA) USA. My grounding has always been with exposure to the healthy living lifestyle. My natural choice of profession was to become a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. The "Fat Busta Challenge" program is my brainchild. Tried and tested training principals applied to everyday people with the objective to redefine themselves.

Penny Mcloughlin

Personal Trainer and Life Coach

My passion is people. “Inspiring change through fitness”.  Life is the best educator and there is no substitute for true experience. My history is one of active participation with competitive sport since 1989 both in South Africa and internationally. I understand the dynamics of what it takes to be supportive, encourage and motivate. Balance is the true test. Discipline, structure, accountability and my 100% commitment is what I bring to each and every person that chooses me to help them make a change. My Philosophy is “seek out the ones that are as enthusiastic about your life and progress as you are”.