Running this challenge since 2011 I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of individuals. There have been so many that have made incredible progress. Here are, but a few for you to read and see what they have to say in taking part in this incredible challenge. All of these ladies I have the privilege of being able to call my friend, they are exceptionally incredible people and they train harder than some men I know. These testimonials and photos you have seen just show you that if you willing to work hard enough for something, you will get it.

KERSTIN RODEMANN, 28 years old

I lost 14.84kgs in 12 weeks doing the Fat Busta Challenge.  My journey with the Fat Busta Challenge and Active Attitude ha honestly changed my life. I joined Active Attitude with work friends hoping to loose weight after many failed attempts at diets and exercise classes. Then I saw the results of the first Fat Busta Challenge in 2011. Those ladies had worked their butts, off literally. After seeing my friend do Fat Busta Challenge 2, Feb 2012, I decided to join the 3rd Fat Busta Challenge in July 2012,  and what a change it was. The support, the motivation the determination was beaming throughout Active Attitude and it radiated into me ! I lost so much weight and looked fabulous by the end , feeling like a million bucks and looking like it too , my body fat was down, as was my weight.  It truly changed my life and the way I viewed my weight and lifestyle. To this day I still follow my eating plan and I still train the way Amy Mcloughlin taught me! The Fat Busta Challenge wasn't just a challenge it was a lifestyle transformation and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to change or battles with weight .... The proof is in the pudding they say,  well we kicked the pudding off the plate and replaced it with toned bums and kickass abs !!! I have done 4 Fat Busta Challenges, I just keep coming back for more  :)

LIZELLE STEFFENS, 31 years old

In just four months I have lost over 20kgs doing the FAT BUSTA challenge has drastically changed my life. I am now able to do things I never thought possible again. This challenge has taught me that a healthy and active lifestyle is not boring, tasteless or plain but rather exciting and easily achievable with the right mindset and guidance. Thank you to the team at Active Attitude for helping me shed more than 20kgs in this short time and for motivating me to keep it up. Thank you to Amy Mcloughlin and her incredible family for helping me achieve my goals.

TAMRIN HEMPEL, 21 years old

I entered the Fat Busta Challenge because Amy Mcloughlin, from Active Attitude gave me a call telling me about this challenge she had put together. I was very excited about it as I needed to lose this unwanted weight and had absolutely no motivation to do it myself. I wanted to get into shape, to become healthier as well as to boost my self confidence. How have I changed since losing 50 odd kilograms? I now have a positive attitude towards life. I have self confidence, I am healthier, I am more aware of how I eat, what not to eat. The Fat Busta Challenge not only helps you lose weight, but it teaches you how to train and how to eat and why certain food is important. I have also made a few friends while entering this challenge. I am no longer a couch potato, I enjoy being active, going for long walks, love doing outdoor activities. I enjoy socialising with friends as well as with new people, whereas before i would just hide in the background because my weight made me feel very self conscious. I have now become the fun-loving, friendly confident person I have always wanted to be.

MEGAN PEARSON , 24 years old

The Fat Busta Challenge helped me loose 5kgs in 6 weeks, the healthy way. No crash dieting, just good clean food and hard training. This challenge has been a something that has worked for me every single time.  Fat Busta works for everyone if you are willing to commit yourself to a change.  This challenge gave me hope to do better,  to make better decisions in life. This challenge is a lifestyle not just a quick fix. It takes hard work and lots of sweat and tears.  This challenge is truly remarkable. I would recommend everyone to do it !


CRYSTEL PETERSEN, 37 years old

The Fat Busta Challenge is one of the best decisions / activities I have every done in my life. 
 It challenges you both mentally and physically.
It took me four years to get rid of my excess weight, but I am now about 30kg down and I feel absolutely fantastic.  I am so much fitter, healthier and happier with and in life. 
It takes you out of your comfort zone and shows you what you are capable of. It gave me back my self confidence and showed me what I am capable of. I now absolutely love going to gym ... I am the sweat bunny of note on the treadmill :) I loved the challenges, meeting new people and the one of the best parts was the social interaction with the other ladies in the challenge so that we helped each other when we had questions and needed support. The personal touches given by Amy to each plan, as well as the personal assistance in using equipment, and exercise routines, eating plans and advice is a definite yeah factor when joining. You feel part of a large family. One that will support you and not judge you. One that will stay behind you 110% of the way and helps you and wants you to get fitter and lose the weight to meet your goal.
There are no unrealistic expectations here. If you are not willing to start by wanting to help yourself to begin with, then you will not get your results. BUT, if you want it, Amy will help you get there.
She will push you to a new level you never thought you could get to and this keeps you going as you know now that you can do it and you will want to push yourself further.
It is the best 6 weeks, and keeps you wanting to carry on for the next challenge and the next 6 weeks.
I loved it, highly recommend it and would never regret the decision to go for it.
Just do it ... you know deep down that you can. Amy will help you find that you can and want to do it :)
Loving the FB Challenges always!! Crystel

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