Training - What to Expect

Welcome to our Fat Busta Challenge training program. The type of training you will endure during this challenge is completely different to anything else you have seen or done before, this is why this challenge gets results. We are unique and exceptionally professional. Each individual at the beginning will be asked to write their own S.M.A.R.T goals down, allowing us to have a realistic achievable goal. There are no crash diets, no cutting carbohydrates, no stupid 3 hour workouts, no magic pills. We believe in hard and fast workouts. Maximum effort for maximum results. Attitude is everything when it comes to this type of training. You need to be 100% committed, not to just me, but to yourself. Nobody is going to train or diet for you, YOU have to be willing to put the hard yards in. Trust me and take the next step, you won't regret it.

Group Personal Training

Throughout the challenge will you will have group weight training sessions at Active Attitude. This program is very pro weight training. The training groups consist of 4 to 10 people, depending on the type of workout scheduled for that specific day. The advantage of group training is pushing one another. When you see someone who is similar to you battling, you automatically will encourage them and them you. The workouts are hard, you will be pushed further than what you thought you could go, but in the end you will see results and be thankful you did it. Our style of combination is training is unique and you won’t find more qualified or better trainers around. The results speak for themselves. The PT will also educate the client/group as much as possible in terms of relevant information that allows for the realistic expectations to be met timeously . The periodization, intensity, volume and frequency of exercises are carefully co-ordinated in order allow for the best psycho-physiological responses possible.

Group Outdoor Training

Outdoor group training is a great fun way to get fit, lose weight and tone up. Our group sessions are guaranteed to be fun, unique, as well as your group trainer or trainers are their to assist you with technique while still exercising in a social and dynamic environment. Enjoy the fitness, fresh air and fun of an outdoor. All body parts are trained in one session, in a balanced, safe way. Sessions go for 60 minutes, each session will consist of a warm up, main work out and cool down and stretching/flexibility. These classes typically contain some running, upper and lower body strength and abdominal/core exercises, team activities and challenges.

Cardio Bootcamp

Need a little encouragement? That's why we here. Group classes are always the best way to get you up and running. This is a Cardio Bootcamp not to be missed. It's know as the Fat Busta  "KICK ass" CARDIO BUTT BUSTER. The energy level here is unbelievable. Whether you weigh 80kgs or 150kgs, you will LOVE this class. From running with tyres, to partner squatting, to box jumps. This uniquely designed class will keep you on your toes each week, building your strength and your fitness through a variety of new challenges each and every class.